Norse Name Glossary

The Norse names in Broods of Fenrir have generated quite a bit of interest, so I thought I’d provide a place for people to look up the names of the characters and see what they mean.

Name Meaning Short form or Alternate
Brandúlfr sword wolf Brand
Eiríkr always mighty Erik
Birna she-bear Bera
Ingríðr beloved Ingrid
Björnkarl bear hunter Björn
Sigríðr beautiful victory Sigga
Geirúlfr spear wolf Geir
Dagný new day
Arnbjörn eagle bear Arn
Gunnarr battle warrior Gunni
Ansvarr avenger Ani
Farbjörn travel bear Fari
Hildibjörn battle bear Hildi

It’s common for brood who spend much of their time among humans to Americanize their names or use only the short form.